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Optimax Rapier

By Darshan Textile ,Darshan Textile Mills
Reference ID WEA/86
Category Weaving
Subcategory Shuttle-less Loom
Subcategory 2 Rapier Machine
Subcategory 3 Garment Finishing Machine,Accumulator/ Feeder,Air cooled Stabilizer,Airjet Machine,Apparel,Auto Transformer,Automatic Lubricant,Automotive fabric,Batching Machine,Beam Trolley,Beams ,Bearing Oil ,Blow room machine,Boiler ,Bount Knife,Build tech fabric,Cam,Carding Machine ,Centrifugal Compressor,Circular Knitting Machine,Cloth Roll,Cloth Roll Trolley,Cloth Spreading M/C,Comber,Comber Board,Complete Garment Plant,Complete Ginning Plant,Complete Humidification Plant,Complete Spinning Plant,Complete W/S Plant,Complete Weaving Plant ,Compressor,Compressor Lubricant,Control Panel,Conveyer,Coolant Oil,Cotton,Cotton bale press M/C,Cotton/ Seed conveyer,Cuison- sofa Fabric,Current Voltage Stabilizer,Curtain Fabric,Cutting Machine,Data Monitoring System,Diesel Generator,Direct Sizing ,Direct Warping ,Distribution Transformer ,Dobby,Double roller machine,Drapery fabric,Draw frame machine,Dryer ,Dyeing Machine,Electrical Box and Connector,Electrical Card,Electromechanical Parts,Electronic & Electrical ,Electronic Testing Equipments,Electronic Weighing Machine,Embroidery Machine,Evaporative Humidifier,Filter fabric,Finished/Garment Fabric,Finishing Machine,Flat Knitting Machine,Folding/ Platting Machine,Furnace Generator,Fusing Machine,Garment,Garment Accessories,Gear Grease,Gear Lubricant,Gear Oil,Generator,Geo Fabric,Ginning,Ginning Accessories,Ginning Accessories,Grease,Grey Cotton,Hank Sizing ,Hardware Parts,Heald Frame,Heald Wire & Drop pins ,High Pressure Boiler,High Temperature Grease,Humidification Accessories,Humidifier,Hydraulic Lift,Hydraulic Oil,In-duct Steam humidifier,Industrial fabric,Industrial Oil,Inspection cum Rolling Machine,Inspection Machine,Integrated Circuits,Isolating Transformer,Jacquard Weaving Machine ,Jaquard ,Jute,Kettle Boiler,Kids,Kids,Knitted,Knitted,Knitting Accessories,Knitting Machines,Knotting,Laser Cutting,Linen,Lithium Grease,Lubricant,Lubricating Grease,Lubricating Oil,Lugs,Medical Fabric ,Medical Textile fabric,Men,Men,Multiphase Weaving Machine,Name Writer,Non Woven ,Non woven,Notch and Drill,Nut & Bolt,Nylon,Oil Cooled Stabilizer,Oil Free Compressor,Oil Grease & Lubricants,Other Boiler,Other Compressors,Other Electro Electrical Parts,Other Equipments,Other Fabric ,Other Garment Machines,Other Generator,Other Ginning machines ,Other Humidifier,Other knitting Machine,Other Oil, Grease & Lubricant ,Other Processing Machines,Other Spare Parts,Other Spinning Machines ,Other Stabilizer,Other Textile Waste,Other Transformer ,Other Warping- Sizing Machines,Other Weaving Accessories,Other Weaving Machines,Pad Mounted Transformer,Petrol Generator,Pipes & Tubes,Polyester ,Power Transformer,Pre-Treatment Machine,Printing Machine,Processing,Processing Accessories,Projectile Machine,Rapier Machine,Rayon ,Receiver,Reciprocating Compressor,Reeds ,Ring frame machine,Round Knife,Row Cotton Cleaner,Row Cotton Feeder,Screw Compressor,Sectional Warping,Sensors,Sewing Machine,Sheeting/bedding Fabric,Shuttle-less Loom,Shuttle/ Power Loom,Silk,Silver /Ribbon Lap,Single End Sizing,Single End Warping,Single Phase Stabilizer,Sizing Accessories ,Sizing Machines,Slasher Sizing,Smart fabric,SNLS Machine,Speed frame Machine,Spindle Oil,Spinning ,Spinning Accessories ,Spray Humidifier,Stabilizer,Static Stabilizer,Steam Boiler,Steam Humidifier,Stenter,Straight Bar Frame Machine,Straight Knife,Switch Gear,Synthetic Grease,Technical Fabric,Terry Cloth,Textile Cotton/ Yarn Waste,Textile Equipment,Textile Fabric,Textile Fabric ,Textile Fabric Waste,Textile Machine Waste/ Scrap,Textile Spare Parts,Textile Waste,Textile Waste Recycle Machine ,Thermopack ,Towels,Transformer,Transformer Oil,Tucking ,Two for One (TFO),Ultrasonic humidifier,Unfinished/Grey fabric,Upholstery Fabric/Home furnishing fabric,Warping Accessories ,Warping-Sizing ,Warping/Creeling M/c,Water Treatment Plant (WTP),Waterjet Machine,Weaving,Weaving Accessories ,Wheel Grease,Winding Machine ,Wire Rope Hoist,Wires and Cable,Women,Women,Wood Fire Tube Boiler,Woven ,Woven,Yarn Conditioning
Subcategory3 Other -
Location Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra, India
Condition Used
Year of Manufacturing 2015
Product Status Working
Minimum Order Quantity 4 Set
More Details
Width 400 Centimeter
Description : 4 X Picanol Optimax Rapier

Make Picanol
Model Optimax
Type of Fabric Grey
Shedding Mechanism Dobby
Year 2015
Working Width in cm 400
No Of Colors 4
No Of Prewinder Set 4
Shedding Motion Make Staubli
Shedding Motion Model 2622B
Shedding Motion Type Electronic
Shedding Motion Capacity 12
Shedding Motion Installed Capacity 12
No of Frames Supplied 19
No of Heald Wire Supplied/Set 6000
Weft Cutter Type Mechanical
Take-Up Motion Electronic
Let-off Motion Electronic
Selvedge Type Elsy
Selvedge Cutter Type Electronic
Temple Type Normal
No of Back Rest Roll 2
No of Warp Stop Bar 6
No of Dropper Supplied 6000
No of Warp Beam Supplied 1,5
Color Selector Type Quick Step
Warp Beam Dia in mm 1000
Cloth Take-Up Type Batching Motion
Rapier Travel Over Guide Teeth
Hand Safety Device Available
Inverter Available
Beam Type Single
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