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Cables & Connector - SMTL

By Abhijeet Bhonsle ,Shree Mahalaxmi Trade Links
Reference Id ELE/53
Category Electronic & Electrical
Subcategory Cable
Location Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India
Brand Name and Model SMTL
Condition New
Minimum Order Quantity 1
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Description :
We are a leading manufacturer of Automation specialising in supplying New & Obsolete wide range of Industrial Electrical and Electronics Equipment to a broad spectrum of Industries.

Cables & Connector:
Sensors & Encoders: M8, M12, & M23 in Stright & Right Angle. PVC, PUR. With & Without LED, length Std. upto 10 mtr. or customize length

Our Product Range -

• SMTL Sensors
• Inductive / Proxy Sensors
• Analog inductive / Proxy Sensors
• Capacitive Proximity Sensors
• Photo Electric Sensors
• Temperature Sensors
• Light Curtains
• Safety Mats
• SMTL Sensors
• Power Supply
• Square Inductive Sensors
• Diffuse Type Sensors
• Retro Reflective Type Sensors
• Through Beam Type Sensors
• Incremental Encoders
• Wireless Crane Remote Controls

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